Wolves of the Solstice

Wolves of the Solstice

By: Lizzie Newell

When Woman and Man lived on Earth, before Noah loaded his ark with life and carried it across the galaxy, Man declared himself supreme and forced his children to bow down to the idol of Fatherhood.

Deceived by him, the children of Man cast out the Great Goddess Danna, Queen of the Heavens, Creatrix of the Cosmos. They drove her into the wilderness where she lived alone. In despair, she tore off her starry robes to embrace winter and death.

The North Wind swirled around her, caressing her breasts, her belly, her great haunches. She conceived and fell into the snow, as still and cold as stone.

As the sun rose, Danna shook off the frost, sending it sparkling in the still morning light. Taking up her cloak, she entered the village of Man.

Spring came, then summer as she grew great with child.

In the autumn, as leaves blazed yellow and scarlet, the villagers demanded, “Who is the father of your child?”

She replied, “I am a virgin and have known no man.”


“I speak the truth. I conceived by the North Wind.”

“Witch! Consort of demons.” They drove her from the warmth of the fire.

She went from house to house pounding on doors. “I am Wisdom herself. Let me in.”

“Begone! Whore of Babylon.”

Rejected by all, she went into the darkness. In the depths of winter, the longest night of the year, she wailed with the pain of labor. None came to her aid. The child slid from her womb wet with blood onto the frosty, white ground.

Wolves drew in, the Wolves of Danna, the twelve ravenous months of the year. Their eyes glowed like embers as they circled like stars around a black hole, fangs bared, jaws open, ready to devour the child.